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Wiener Musikakademie

 Benjamin started a position as violin professor at the Wiener Musikakademie. Along with a diploma study, students can apply to short or long term masterclasses as well!

27th World Music Competition

 Member of the Final jury of the World Music Competition. Auditions are open - Vienna, 19 Feb, 6 March, 3 April or by recording. All instruments, voice, conducting, composing, ensembles...

World Music Competition Website


 Interview with Benjamin about his lastest producing album - The Russian Collection, about the equipment, recording, mixing the album...

 Mixonline interview website

Manca Izmajlova The Russian Collection


Twelve of the most beloved Russian songs recorded with The Russian State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography.

Recorded at Mosfilm Studios.

New Orchestrations, Voice & Soloists recording, Editing & Mixing by Benjamin Izmajlov.

Release year 2019.

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