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Benjamin Izmajlov, a born Slovenian, is one of the successful musicians of his generation. He has accomplished himself as a concert violinist with more than 40 concerts per year and as an artistic director/producer of various successful music projects that cross borders and connect nations and cultures. He is also a composer, arranger and conductor of symphonic music and has many years of experience in sound engineering and studio producing.

He is the founder of: International Academy Giuseppe Tartini, Slovenian Summer Academy of Music and Slovenian Diplomatic Concert, where internationally acknowledged classical artists perform and lecture young talented musicians. He gets invited as artistic director of music festivals, as jury member of music competitions and has provided many state events with various cultural programmes. Since 2012 he has been performing as guest soloist at the Moscow Philharmonics and is, together with his wife, the holder of the highest acknowledgment for foreigners for intercultural dialogue from the Russian Orthodox Church - the Medal of "Cyril and Methodius".


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. (Eleanor Roosevelt).

...and Music is a Great idea. It is for me a Universe of human achievments that combines probably all of the humanistic and science fields known, and a bit of humor as well. It evokes the best in people and crosses borders with the speed of mind, joyning everyone with their most sincere feelings. Thank you all that made it possible for me to bring some good music to people.

Curriculum Vitae

BENJAMIN IZMAJLOV- born 17 september 1974

Benjamin Izmajlov finished his Master's with flying colors in 2009 as a concert violinist, professor and chamber musician at the famous Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky in Moscow wher he studied in the class of the legendary violinist and professor Marina Laursabovna Yashvili for eight years (in 2006 he graduated there as well). Before that his violin studies included classes with prof. Evgeniya Tchugaeva at the Hochschule fur Musik in Vienna and at the »Scoula di Perfezzionamento a Portogruaro, Italy« with prof. Pavel Vernikov, Elizaveta Gilels and Yulia Berinskaya. The secondary music school he finished in Ljubljana with prof. Voldja Balžalorsky and the music school in Izola / Koper with prof. Jože Horvat.
Benjamin Izmajlov attended many top level master classes as well where he worked with professors such as Grigoriy Zhislin, Tatiana Kolchanova (Glinka Quartet), Dmitri Shebalin (Borodin Quartet), Nina Kogan and many others.
Since 2012 he has been performing as guest soloist at the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Society and is member of the Ensemble of Soloists of the Moscow Philharmonic "Madrigal". He has performed in many music festivals, his audience include heads of states and international diplomats as well.
He also regularly gives concerts and performs with many international musicians. Lately, he plays with pianists Gokhan Aybulus (Turkey) and Daria Tschaikowskaja (Germany/Russia). He palyed in many world known concert halls such as The Small and the Big Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow as well as the Rachmaninov Hall, The Chamber and The Concert Hall of the Moscow Philharmonics, Santa Cecilia concert hall in Rome, Gallus Hall at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana, Slovenian Philharmonic Hall, Belgrade Sava center Big Hall and other places in Italy, Croatia, Spain, Austria, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic etc. Mr. Izmajlov also teaches at international master classes and is a member of intl. violin competitions.
As a producer, he debuted in 2007 with the best selling album "The Slavic Soul" where, together with his wife mezzo soprano Manca Izmajlova, recorded the first ever classical cross over project with songs from nine slavic countries. The platinum disk was awarded for both albums.
In 2008 a new album "The Slovene Heart" again hit the top marks and was chosen as the official present of Protocol of the Slovenian Government during the Slovenian Presidency to the EU in 2008.
In the same year, together with the Russian Symphonic Orchestra under the leadsership of Pavel Kogan, Benjamin and Manca Izmajlova opened the Moscow Festival with the "Slavic Soul" and were awarded with the "Cyrill and Method" medal from the Russian Ortodox Church for contributing and fostering intercultural relationship.
In 2010 a concert tour of the "Slavic Soul" with the Russian State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography took them to Ljubljana - Cankarjev dom (2010), Belgrade – Sava Center (2011) and Moscow – Moscow Philhramonics (2012). Concerts were recorded by the National TVs and are still broadcasted nowadays. Further plans include other Europeans capitals.
Benjamin Izmajlov was many times art director of festivals and events and appointed for cultural program leadership at high level events - state and commercial ones. He is also the organizer and director of summer academies. His the director and co-founder of the Slovenian Summer Aceeny of Music. Before that he succesfully directed the Music Forum in Bled. He worked with renowned musicians such as Marina Yashvili, Natalia Gutman, Alexander Kagan, Moshe Aron Epstein, Alexander Buzlov, Roman Simovic, Ljuba Kazarnovskaya, Alviya Vandysheva, Alexander Suetin, Sergei Skripka, Alexandr Tchaikovsky, etc.



  • Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky; Moscow; Russian Federation; Master of Arts - violin (post-graduate); 2006 - 2009 Prof. Marina Yashvili
  • Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky; Moscow; Russian Federation Graduate study - violin; 2001 - 2006 Prof. Marina Yashvili
  • Hochschule fur Musik, Wien, Prof. Evgenia Tchugaeva
  • Academy of Musik, Ljubljana, Prof. Dejan Bravnicar
  • Scuola di Perfezionamento, Portogruaro, Prof. Pavel Vernikov
  • Secondary music school, Ljubljana, Prof. Volodja Balžalorsky
  • Primary Music School, Izola, Koper, Prof. Jože Horvat

  • Master classes: Prof. Gregory Zhislin, Viktor Tretyakov, Zahar Bron, Elizaveta Gilels
  • Chamber music: Tatiana Kolchanova (Glinka Quartet), Dmitri Shebalin (Borodin Quartet), Nina Kogan, Irina Kandinskaya, Dmitry Galynin etc.
  • Composes under the guidance of Alexander Tchaikovsky
  • Guest soloist of the Moscow Pilharmonics
  • Soloist of the Ensamble Madrigal of the Moscow Philharmonics
  • Founder, artistic director and professor at the International Academy Giuseppe Tartini
  • Founder, Director and professor at the Slovenian Summer Academy of Music
  • Founder of the Slovenian Diplomatic Concert
  • Director and artistic director of the Chopin International Piano Competition in Slovenia (until 2015)
  • Founder, Director and professor at the Vila Bled Music Forum (until 2010)
  • Member of the Slovenian Philharmonic orchestra (until 2001)

Composing / Arrangements

Benjamin's works for larger ensambles include Symphonic Orchestra arrangements, also with Choir, Wind Orchestra, Choir as well as for Revue Orchestras. They go from classical pieces to known popular songs, so called symphonic crossover style.

These works have been performed in many different known Music Halls such as the Concert Hall of the Moscow Philharmonics, The Gallus Hall of Cankarjev dom, Sava Centar Hall in Belgrade and many other stages.

part from writing for numerous types of ensambles, from quartets to septets, Benjamin has almost invented a new type of arrengements for voice and violin. Many times he performs them in concerts together with his wife (mezzo soprano) and he wrote already more then 30 arrangements for this duo. They range from arias from operas and operettas to musicals and folk songs.
The basis Benjamin takes when composing or arranging for other generes are backed by an extensive knowledge of classical and modern styles. The main influence for modern styles are N. American music and Italian popular music. He has been also composing for video clips music backgrounds, including the use of audio fx, where the use of electronic music in also sometimes needed.

From Lullabies for babies, video commercials, promo clips, electronic sounds, etc. to a full pop songs for different music festivals.

Featured Composition

Wind Orchestra - Ave maria

Pop song - Amore

Record Producer

Media ⇒ "Amore" - single (2015)
Media ⇒ Slavic Soul Live in Belgrade - mix & mastering of audio of the concert HD video (2012)
Media ⇒ Lullabies - album (2012)
Audio restoration & mastering of archive recordings for the anniversary CD release of the Moscow State Symphonic orchestra of Cinematography (2012)
Media ⇒ Arthur Alper - Solo piano album (2013)
Media ⇒ Arthur Alper - Solo piano album (2011)
Media ⇒ Slavic Soul Live in Ljubljana - mix & mastering of audio of the concert video (2010)
Media ⇒ Slovene Heart - Album (2008)
Media ⇒ Slavic Soul - album (2006)

Recent Projects

× Opera under the stars
× Christmas Fairytale


Benjamin Izmajlov is the founder of Slovenian Diplomatic concert, supported by many ambassadors. The first concert took place at Ljubljana castle in May 2015. It was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The concert had the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Slovenia and the Mayor of Ljubljana. Along with the Minister of Culture and other Government representatives, more than 20 ambassadors, many honorary consuls, prominent public figures and top level CEO attended the concert, which also had a charity aim to help children in need. With the support of his team, Benjamin is leading the whole project – obtaining the sponsors, handling the invitations, organising the concert and the protocol, the gourmet reception, the charity auction and the PR. The next concert will take place in May 2016.
With the experience and knowledge of the Vila Bled Music Forum (see bellow), Benjamin organised two more international music academies, the last one founded in 2015 in the old seaside city of Piran - the birthplace of the legendary violinist / composer Giuseppe Tartini. Apart from the top level masterclasses for talented young musicians, open air opera performances were held in front of thousands of people. Verdi's Requiem (2015), La Boheme (2014, 2015) and Traviata (2013) were put on stage, starring young opera artists and instrumentalists. With the help of his team, Benjamin is in control of all the PR, commercials and arrangements with sponsors, local authorities and venues. Both Academies have patronage of the Mayors of the cities.
The New Year Gala Concert was held at the seaside resort Portorož in 2013. Benjamin gathered and conducted his own symphonic orchestra, with internationally known soloists and made the programme of the concert. His conducting skills were proved many times also at other concerts and in the recording studio.
Benjamin was invited as artistic director of an international piano competition in Slovenia, dedicated to F. Chopin. With his help, the number of applications grew from 20 to 55 competitors from 15 countries. He also created the finals of the competition with the symphonic orchestra and invited distinguished jury members from 6 countries.
Benjamin is appearing regularly at the Moscow Philharmonic. He is the official violinist of the Madrigal Soloists Ensemble, one of the oldest early music ensembles in the world. In 2014 they have also recorded a CD together – Libre Vermell of the Montserrat Monastery. Early European music, which has immensely strong Arabic influence, is a great love and interest for him. In 2014 he has organised a tour for Madrigal Soloists and through five Slovenian castles. The whole PR, commercials, press conference, co-ordination with venues and the artists was in his domain.
The Crystal Palace in Ljubljana was inaugurated in 2011. Benjamin was responsible for cultural programme of the Gala opening in front of hundreds of distinguished guests. He gathered and conducted his own symphonic orchestra and engaged a premier couple of the Bolshoi Theatre, the first lady of London's West End musicals and other internationally successful soloists to perform with them.
Held in the baroque city of Radovljica, the Slovenian Summmer Academy of Music attracts many talented young musicians. With its beautiful surroundings and the majestic Manor House where concerts are held, the academy represents a unique experience for the public as well. Benjamin directs and lectures this project.
With the help of international connections with many world known artists, Benjamin started the masterclasses for talented young musicians at a luxury hotel in the Alpine resort Bled. Lectures were given by: Marina Yashvili, Natalia Gutman, Roman Simović (1st violinist of London Symphony Orchestra), Moshe Aron Epstein, Alexander Buzlov and Benjamin himself. The classes were also streamed live in the internet – for the first time in Slovenia.
Dedicated to the Slovenian Presidency to the EU in 2008, Benjamin produced and recorded the first Slovenian symphonic crossover project, for which the most known Slovenian music pieces and songs were rearranged and recorded. The CD itself became the official present of the Slovenian Government Protocol to other EU members. The project was presented through concerts in most of the European capitals and was sold in platinum sale in Slovenia.
During the Slovenian Presidency to the EU in 2008, Benjamin, together with the Slovenian Embassy in Moscow, organised a gala symphonic concert, dedicated to the Presidency. The whole diplomatic corpus in Moscow was invited to the event. At this occasion he also performed the 2nd violin concerto of K. Szymanowski. Benjamin was in charge of all the arrangements with the hall, musicians and technical crew.
The first symphonic crossover project with music of 8 Slavic countries in the world had an overwhelming success in Europe and sold in platinum sale in Slovenia. Benjamin produced the project, played the solo violin part and composed some of the arrangements. He organised a concert tour of European cities with 90 members symphonic orchestra and 70 members choir. In the most prestigious halls of Moscow (2012) Ljubljana (2010) and Belgrade (2011) the concerts were sold out. Benjamin lead the whole project – from PR and commercials to all the arrangements with the halls, musicians and technical crew.

Other skills

  • Design of posters, flyers, websites for the needs of events of his own organisation, using tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign etc. He also produced and edited his own promo videos.
  • Advanced Photo & video editing
  • Extensive knowledge of computers with some basic program coding.
  • Fluent: Slovenian (native), English, Russian, Italian
  • Active: German and Serbian/Croatian
  • Passive: French and Spanish
  • National Champion (gold medal) of former Yugoslavia in the field of Electrtechnics
  • Republic Laureate of the competition in Physics
  • Courses in Philosophy
  • Yacht skipper license, windsurfing
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Basic horse riding
  • Motorcycling, cycling, rollerblading


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