Benjamin Izmajlov

violinist │ composer │ conductor │ producer │ sound engineer


Benjamin Izmajlov is an internationally acknowledged violin soloist, composer, conductor, producer, sound engineer and professor - one the most prolific and versatile artists of his generation.

- professor at the Wiener Musikakademie
- guest soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Society
- founder & artistic director of The Slovene Diplomatic Concert │ The International Academy Giuseppe Tartini │ The Symphony Orchestra of Slovene Soloists │ Vila Bled Music Forum etc.
- Prism Sound Ltd endorsed artist

Benjamin's performed, conducted or his music compositions were performed on concerts, festivals and in recording studios. He worked with international artists and ensembles.

Most of Benjamin`s works are written for full symphonic or wind orchestras, including choirs and soloists. Pop songs have also got awarded.

Albums produced:

The Slavic Soul (2006)
The Slovene Heart (2008)
Lullabies (2012)
Athur Alper (2013)
Songs of My Home (2016)
The Russian Collection (2021)

#in depth...

As a violinist, Benjamin Izmajlov graduated and finished the State Conservatory Tchaikovsky in Moscow in the class of prof. Marina Yashvili with flying colors. Ha also studied with other renowned professors (E. Tchugaeva, P. Vernikov, G. Zhislin, E. Gilels, Z. Bron, V. Tretyakov) and chamber music classes with members of the Borodin String Quartet, N. Kogan, T. Kolchanova, prof. Kandinskaya etc.

He performed with numerous orchestras and soloists across Europe. He regularly gives masterclasses and is invited as jury member on international competitions.

Benjamin Izmajlov gained international recognition as a successful composer and arranger of many different music styles with a focus on classical instruments and ensembles, as well as a conductor, producer and sound engineer with platinum album awards. His mentor for composing is the artistic director of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, head of the composing department of the Moscow State Conservatory and people’s artist of Russia, prof. Alexander Tchaikovsky. Benjamin Izmajlov’s works have been performed by orchestras and renowned soloists alike. He has also conducted symphonic orchestras on festivals and concerts as well as during studio recording sessions of his projects.

Benjamin Izmajlov worked with artist such as Marina Yashvili†, Natalia Gutman, Gokhan Aybulus, Roman Simovich, Alexander Kagan, Alexander Buzlov†, Moshe Aron Epstein, Alexander Tchaikovsky, Carlos Kleiber†, Hartmut Haenchen, Anton Nanut†, Sergei Skripka, The Russian State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography, The Slovene Radio TV Orchestra, The Russian State Academic Orchestra, The Cairo Symphony Orchestra, The Gyumri Symphony Orchestra, …to name a few.

Benjamin Izmajlov



Benjamin Izmajlov is teaching at the Wiener Musikakademie and by invitation in academies, summer master classes and privately.
Years of teaching experience has made Benjamin a sought after teacher. Students are welcome to start a full graduate study at the Wiener Musikakademie.

Other fields of teaching include masterclasses in chamber music and lectures on composing, sound engineering, working with DAWs and artists preparations for studio recording.

NEW! - Private lessons now in Klagenfurt.

Composer & Orchestrator

#Classical & #Popular

Benjamin Izmajlov

TonStudio, Mosfilm, Moscow

Benjamin Izmajlov

Jork Studios, Dekani

Benjamin Izmajlov started to experiment and compose during his secondary music studies. Influenced not only by classical music his arrangements bare a footprint of many other genres. He has written for the most humble ensambles - just voice and violin - to full symphonic orchestra with choir. His pieces were performed by many renowned artists such as Bernarda & Marcos Fink, Manca Izmajlova, Ensamble Madrigal, The Russian State Sypmphony Orchestra of Cinematography, The Cairo Symphony Orchestra, The Gyumri State Symphony Orchestra, The Slovenian Soloists Orchestra, The Slovenian String Quartet etc.

Benjamin also writes and composes using virtual instruments and has years of success producing backing tracks and instrumental music in different genres & styles for various purposes. His mobile music "tool" of choice is his Prism Sound Atlas interface. He recorded with it all vocals and his violin solos for the latest album "The Russian Collection".
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Listen to the studio version of this song from the album "Songs of My Home".

100th Anniversary of Austria

A special concert at the Klagenfurt stadium where all the Austrian Army Wind Orchestras would perform a beloved song of the Carinthian Slovene population, called "Rož, Podjuna, Zila". Benjamin has already newly arranged / reinvented this song before for the album "Songs of My Home" (symphonic orchestra & choir) as it had been almost every time performed merely by choirs alone.

The Russian Collection

A collection of most meaningful Russian songs from the 20th Century, many of them first recorded with symphonic orchestra or sang by a female voice. A powerful and epic journey through songs of various genres and styles. So much heart and soul within! The booklet contains English translations of all songs. Many listeners across the world voted this album as one of their favorite ever!

The Russian Collection

Benjamin has produced and organized a plethora of music events; from boutique concerts series to international orchestra tour concerts. His artistic ideas were successfully implmented within busniess and diplomatic circles alike. 

go to OPUS for the list of all the projects 


Slavic Soul
The Slavic Soul
Album & Concert tour 2007 -

The first Slavic crossover symphonic project in the world saw platinum sale CD award and an international orchestra tour, with concerts  broadcast on National TVs and through world streaming platforms. Read more..

Slovenian Diplomatic Concert
Diplomatic Concert
Ljubljana 2015-2016

Under the Patronage of the President of Slovenia, the event attracts the whole diplomatic circle in Slovenia. Read more..

Festival Ljubljana
Festival Ljubljana
Križanke 2016

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Slovenia Independence, Benjamin conducted the Slovenian Soloists Orchestra performing the premiere of the project "Songs of My Home". Read more..

#Sound Engineer

Working on DAWs or with analog equipment, Benjamin has composed, recorded and mixed for live events, broadcast TV & radio recordings as well as music albums (CD). He is also a Prism Sound Ltd endorsed artist.
read: Interview Mixonline
read: Mosfilm Interview (in Russian)

Working with the young talents

Artistic Leadership on music academies, summer masterclasses & international competitions
International Academy Giuseppe Tartini
The International Academy Giuseppe Tartini

The Venetian city of Piran - where the genius Giuseppe Tartini was born, young artists join the Academy to study with renowned professors and enjoy the city amenities and the Adriatic See.

Vila Bled Music Forum
Vila Bled Music Forum

Studying with the best in the most splendid natural environment - the town of Bled - masterclasses for cello, violin and flute took place. N. Gutman, M. A. Epstein, R. Simovic, A. Kagan and B. Izmajlov helped young artists achieve their musical potential.

Slovenian Summer Academy of Music
Slovenian Summer Academy of Music

The Manor House of Radovljica welcomed during the summer young students that filled the city with music and also whole concert operas were staged.

Chopin Music Competition

The Chopin Golden Ring


Benjamin Izmajlov was the Artistic Director & organizer of the 9th & 10th Edition of the International Chopin Golden Ring Competition.

#other skills

Benjamin is also a Champion in the field of Electrotechnics in ex-Yugoslavia and has competed in Physics on Republic competition. His curiosity for physical, natural laws found its way in the field of acoustics (sound engineering) as well, so that he is able to combine extensive artistic knowledge with a scientific one.
Multimedia skills include graphic design, photography & video recording as well as editing, websites design & coding.
Organizing skills were successfully tested on many large projects, such as concert tours with orchestras or whole festivals / competitions / summer academies, where along with his performances on stage or giving classes, Benjamin Izmajlov led and controlled every stage of the organization and implementation. Therefore a fundamental knowledge in finances, accounting and marketing are part of Benjamin`s skills as well.

Hobbies include sailing (with a few prizes / Cups won), surfing, motorbiking (also trimming engines), wood working (home projects), but above all, spending time with his family!

Apps list.

  1. Music software. Benjamin beginnings with electronic music dates back to the year 1989 with his first synth - Yamaha SY77 with 16 a channel sequencer (he still has it!). Cakewalk was the first DAW he explored, but soon started to use Cubase. In recording studios he mainly works with Pro Tools and sometimes uses Logic. As for the notation apps, Sibelius is nowadays his choice, although he has a soft spot for Finale (it was the app he started with).
  2. Graphic design. Starting with simple poster designs, Benjamin work extended greatly in the past ten years. He designed countless flyers, posters, billboards as well as websites and even a book. He knows quite a bit about professional photography and knows hot to process / edit photos. His main software includes apps from Adobe Creative Suite.
  3. Video editing. As music nowadays is mainly delivered through video / clips, Benjamin starting to learn about video recording / editing many years ago. Mostly all of the video material published was edited by himself (music and coaching videos). Software includes different apps, from Premiere to Final Cut etc.
  4. IT / coding. Starting with html coding and building his own computer configurations, Benjamin has designed, build and written (if necessary) codes for different websites. This knowledge is also useful for the optimization of different OS he uses.

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